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Catalog Number: BV111001
CAS No.:
Maximum absorption wavelength (λmax (abs)): 493 nm
Maximum emission wavelength (λmax (em)): 521 nm
Extinction coefficient (M-1cm-1):  73,000 (0.1 M phosphate buffer, pH 7.2)

Anti-resorptive Cellular Activity Sampler


Catalogue number: BV315102

This sampler kit includes two probes: 5-FAM-ZOL and AF647-ZOL. 5-FAM-ZOL has in vivo antiresorptive activity and can inhibit protein prenylation of macrophages; and AF647-ZOL has been shown inactive in these studies. This kit is ideal for studies that require imaging probes with and without pharmacological activity.

Kit Content:

  • 24 nmol of 5-FAM-ZOL
  • 24 nmol of AF647-ZOL
  • 10 mg of zoledronate (optional)
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