Frank H. Ebetino, PhD

Dr. Ebetino has worked on bisphosphonates for over 30 years.  He spent most of his industrial career at Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals and now serves as President and Chief Scientific Officer at BioVinc.  He is a trained synthetic and medicinal chemist who was a member of the team that discovered and developed the drug risedronate (Actonel®) for osteoporosis. His work with colleagues Prof. Graham Russell and Prof. Michael Rogers was a key to the discovery of the primary enzymatic target of nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates within the osteoclast bone cell (farnesyl diphosphate synthase).  His further work on bone affinity characteristics and mechanisms led to discoveries of differential uptake, distribution, and excretion of the current clinically used bisphosphonates.

Dr. Ebetino has led teams conducting crystallographic studies of the bisphosphonates in enzymes of the mevalonic acid pathway and the development and study of new fluorescently labeled bisphosphonates with a wide variety of pharmacological characteristics. Dr. Ebetino has published more than 100 authoritative journal articles and patents in the field and continues to study new medical uses and chemical variants in this class of drugs. He currently has a particular research interest in the application of bisphosphonate technology to targeted drug delivery and the development of new imaging diagnostics.

Email: halebetino@biovinc.com
Phone: 1-513-532-4084