Shuting Sun, PhD

Dr. Sun is a highly trained medicinal chemist with a focus on multifunctional phosphonate based drug actives.  She received her PhD in 2013 at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and is now the Chief Scientist at BioVinc. She has been the premier synthetic chemist for the past 6 years within the McKenna/Kashemirov research laboratory on the design and preparation of fluorescently labeled bisphosphonates and as a consequence has collaborated and contributed to an extremely diverse series of research programs. Her chemistry design has produced a wide variety of fluorescent bisphosphonates that vary in bone affinity, imaging tags, and inherent bone resorption inhibitory activity. Her work has led to critical research findings in the fields of bone metabolism, dental abnormalities, cochlear abnormalities, and the development of innovative potential new diagnostic research tools.

Dr. Sun has a particular interest in coupling new imaging tools and instrumentation to the benefit of therapeutic advances and disease monitoring. As a result, Dr. Sun has already published more than 20 research articles and patent applications in her fields of interest while being a relatively junior scientific member of the BioVinc scientific team.

Phone: 1-213-249-3116